Fireteam Leave penalty

With aim bot hacks, sure.

Not really what the topic was about. There’s the mute button though, don’t really have to drop for that.

Sit around and wait? It’s only about 1 minute. As far as I know, predators don’t keep the progress made if they leave early so why would they want to do that?

So true.

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Might want to make it where if you blue screen there wouldn’t be any penalty

Because I win?

Your comment implies some pretty harsh judgement seeing how you don’t know me or anything about me. I play with game chat deactivated because in my experience, no matter what the Predator does, the FT gets salty. And when I let the salty players have their way and I handicap myself for their sakes, I get verbally humiliated (before I deactivated game chat) for losing to them. Nobody deserves that. So I deactivate game chat and I do whatever it takes to crush the FT and I have absolutely no sympathy for the whiny little f*cks.

So yeah… have you ever considered why people quit a match when they see that I’m the Predator?

Hey quit your own saltiness bro

My bad

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“Waaahhhhhh… we can’t down this pred daddy 😰😥😢😭😢😥😰” /leaves bots

This game isn’t good enough to deserve a quitter penalty. You can only have a quitter penalty when your game is stable.

That Ragequitters are total idiots. I mean most of Predators let they do the reinforcement´s…

So why can´t they wait 2-3 Minutes?

I guess you’re right with how many unfixed bugs there are.

Cause God forbid any of these wimps having to wait, or the power to drop bots everywhere… even before the game starts 😫

Nothing sucks more than landing in a lobby to see people leave one by one, or rage quit 2 seconds into dropping in.

Sometimes the last ft alive can’t figure out how to call the reinforcements even when the radio is right next to him. Can take him like 10 minutes to realize how to do so or he just hides inside a building for the rest of the match. So I can’t blame the players that quit when they die considering the braindead potato players issue on this game. Its not about ragequitting, its like why stay in the match when you won’t be reinforced anyways ?


I actually had someone just like he was right next to reinforcement and he decided to go across the map for the mission and then he got killed.

I’d leave a match aswell if the whole squad got wiped from Flying Disc and nothing else… Haven’t played this crap for many months and when I get back, my first match is the whole squad getting wiped by only 2 discs…

OP much? Fix that shit, then you can complain about players leaving.

Had a guy last night, last one left alive. I trolled him at the radio by being invisible, he ran off, I kept chasing him asking him for candy, and all he did was hide around the burning trains on Derailed. I knew where he was, I was watching the whole time, but he never moved, for almost ten minutes, he just hung out there. And his dead team never quit, oddly enough. I even jumped away to heal a few times because I would jump down and do my Jungle Dance in front of him, he still never left that spot. I also encountered a number of literal children, on mic, who had no clue what they were doing…this fucking game, man…

And on the topic of penalties, I don’t think that’s fair for a game like this. Too many connection issues due to servers, or any issues on our ends like power outages, service drops, cat trips over the cord, etc. Too many instances where one could be penalized for something completely accidental. As for intentional quits, if I’m getting an axe up my ass and I look on the map and my team is off collecting Veritanium, I’m out. I’m not going to stare at the screen watching baby potatoes run around like scared chickens, hoping for a revive only to get downed again with no assistance.

(It is actually really funny when you’re a freaking Scout, and you leap in against a Dante Unleashed acting all big and bad running into camp from spawn all by himself just as the match starts, combi-throw into bow, quick claim, leap away, and you check the player list after a minute and see he quit out)

Well, get used to it.

I told you complaining, scrub Preds that this would happen more frequently yet some of you mooks are still asking the Fireteam side to be nerfed even further despite the obvious.

They “balanced” the game based on the feedback from scrub Pred players who couldn’t and never will be able to take on a party of organized PC players. Now you’re stuck dealing with rage quitting, headless chickens from PS Plus or bots that can home in on you from across the map and eviscerate you within seconds.

Congrats on that accomplishment, fellas! Feel free to continue with the whining to add that one, final nail into this game’s coffin.

WTF. I’m still surprised on how oblivious some people are.
The Devs favor the Fireteam side like mad and the Pred has been nerfed a lot over the course of the game.
If people lose against a Pred when not coordinating then it’s their problem for wanting to “lone wolf” the mission.
I play both sides and I can compete against coordinated team’s, both pc + playstation (ps is rarer though) and I’m doing fine.
I also have a dedicated three-man squad with who I play often and we bag around 20 Preds together if we are not up against a Zerker going melee-spam with the axe or combistick.
But other than that Preds sometimes can be definition of a glass-canon.
Go to YT and see me using a pred scout build and how fast my health drops sometimes.
Same goes for the ft build with low health.

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Bots should be more xp to down then in my opinion, only fair to compensate for how badly this crap is exploited by these trash noobs.

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