Fireteam Leave penalty

As pred im getting sick of salty FT members leaving games after one kill. Solution?

Create a 15 min cooldown for people who leave. So they cant play the amount of time that the game could have lasted. This will discourage people from ruining matches for preds.

Second thing, For afk players who are kicked, do not do this penalty. UNLESS they have moved in the match at some point. That way players who are salty cant just afk for two minutes and get out scott free.

And on the predator side, Let predator leave once he has been killed and the detonation disabled. That way preds dont have to sit around and wait. Thats usually the only reason a pred leaves a match.

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Why not illfonic just remove the exit option altogether so that the rage quitters have to close app if they wonna leave a session.

Mate i had a match where whole team ragequit in first minute of the game lol and i play scout not zerk

I did experience the same as Predator…

It’s been ages since i last executed all of them…

Annoying as hell ._.

Bump. Can’t use iso to find the bots either with 7 minutes left… /leaves game

One good fix would be giving people a reason to care about XP & Money during late levels.

There’s literally no reason to stay as a FT member for the XP …

Preds get trophies but meh, not even sure thats insensitive enough.

Also love when someone leaves on purpose just before the game starts so a bot is left, sort of a “Hey pred, f*k you!” Then they just reque and get in another game within seconds. So one sided…

Have you considered their game crashes?

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This happens a lot.


This never happens

We get booted from matches regularly.

Once one person gets kicked the others seem to drop too most times.


This will only punish people who don’t rage quit tho,the game “crashes” and this will cause people to who are not actually rage quit be penalized,unless there’s a system to tell the difference between rage quitting and crashes then ,I say its not a good idea.If people don’t want to play the game or have something else to do ,you shouldn’t force them to play.