Fireteam needs a buff

Is it me or does anyone else struggle to win as the fireteam?

The fireteam should have the ability to use there gun when they are down, or even a second revive mission
Even the odds a bit for them

No no no…… FT has all the good shit, learn to make good builds, stick together, push mission, defend against pred, not hunt, and you’ll win


Always hunt the pred, ignore mission, never mud up and always split to pincer the pred

No, they’re strong enough already. If you’re struggling as FT in pubs get some friends and party up together. If you already do then unfortunately I have to say git gud and learn how to counter pred strategies.


Ah you’re one of those people, that won’t work against good predators, when they know how to avoid ft chasers

Good idea!


My win rate begs to differ


Must have faced bad preds

Keep telling yourself that

Git gud nub

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Not trying to start anything, but I’m curious, what predators that are well known have you taken their masks away?

Why do masks matter when they’re dead?

You know what I mean, like how many actual good predators have you killed, and not potatoes

The only reason why FT loses is cuz they need to git gud. Even more so for console like myself.

Trust me; FT is far more equipped to win compared to Pred. If you lost to a Pred, either they were using a superior build and have been playing for a long time, your team sucked, or you sucked. Usually two out of the three.

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That stupid fucking video god I hate it


That animation is art just like “heavy is dead”