Fireteams have too many utilities

When are the Predators going to get more utilities to battle the fireteam? Even with a max hp Predator I get melted before I can react. The fireteam can hear where you are down the the very pixel your standing on and it sucks. The Predator is a silent killer so why the fuck does he sound like a heard of elephants running up on you? If you’re a fireteam main and want to fight this argument idc. Insult all you want. Y’all are op as shit.

I get your issues with fireteam, but who is the foreteam?
Are they worse than fireteam?



I fat thumbed it. Woops.

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If you think pred is loud now you should’ve heard the elephant stomping and nonstop clicking at launch. There was 0 point in cloaking and it shimmered like a strobe light.


here’s a wrist launcher and 5 melee weapons thanks for playing


Makes you wonder how we coped with it at the start 🤣


Welcome to the forums where we all agree

No they’re far superior.

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Usually the Bow and a alpha sickle do just fine use the audio decoys they help only use them when you know fireteams gonna be around for a while then watch them and see what they do I tend to wait until they split up or engage AI then I apply pressure however this won’t work on every team but it should work on most but I know the feeling everyone wants to kill my ass I never had a chance to learn the Predator until recently LOL 😂

They come in before the fireteam, hence the Foreteam not FT, and try to wipe out as many guerrillas as possible to make the mission easier for the FT. As such they have insane weaponry that can second wind a viking in .00002 milliseconds. You thought it was the pred that skinned the ai and hung them up in the trees? Think again.

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