First match (2.28) lots of bugs

Here we go. First match after new update, lots of bugs found
On Excavation.

  • On the lobby it said it will be a night mode match. It was on day time and the brightness was through the roof.
  • The avatars didn’t load (both PC and PSN)
  • The icons of the ammo and health bags dropped by FT were terribly huge on the minimap.
  • The Predator’s blood stayed on the ground all match.
  • The green minimask on top of the Predator when he is spotted, sometimes it wasn’t centered with his body.
  • Reload animation sometimes it just went halfway, i had to press reload again to go through.


@Kassinaillia @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic

Second match. More bug? Or was it on purpose?
@Kassinaillia @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic
Look at this insane AI damage!!!

These are all features