FIX default leap tradectory

There is currently something in the code that makes predator leap direction vertical when a trajectory is not set.
There have been other posts about this, but people are explaining it as if there is something that is obstructing the leap. My thought is that the default is verticle until the trajectory hologram is shown.
its so bothersome and useless to set it without a predefined 45degree leap.

There are far too many times i go vertical and end up wasting valuable time.
Please polish this to make it more angular and instead when pred hits a surface making him bounce backwards, make him lean in continually…kind of like as if he had weight?


u ever get it where it jumps you backwards towards something behind the camera?! -

The jump trajectory should also be variable so you can jump really low to the ground but far. or very high but not as far.

Jumping so high all the time just says “hay shoot me! i’m here, come on, do it, do it naouw”