fix DLC

Now that attention is being paid again to PHG with the latest update and so on… I think it would be convenient to fix the DLC that was wrong.

For example, the city hunter looks excellent and works very well, he is identical to the one in the movie and you can see some weapons such as the smart disc or the net launcher when they rest on his body.

However, I don’t feel the same about superpredator, AVP predator and wolf predator. Especially with wolf predator.
I think that if we are going to spend money on the DLC of these games, we should start by fixing these, for the good of the new community.


City Hunter also has the wrong mask proportions. The original nose and eyes are thinner, cheeks don’t hanging down. Dreadlocks aren’t so pale and boring. And wrist blades moving out much further.

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The color of the rings are also wrong on the predlocks. In the movie there are more different coloured and textured rings.