Fix the bow bug

Illfonic, please fix the bow bug already. The stupid bug is causing me to make mistakes in my matches. That and the claim bug are annoying to deal with.


I had same issue and its like when you are at tree branch and you aiming and send arrow with power from bow and you stop aiming and go somewhere and you want try again shot than you have bugged controls. You send arrow without power, you cant eat pig, you cant claim skulls, cant climb on the tree, even sometimes you cant do that far jump

Here is something i found out:
The bow bug seems to happen only when encountering FT members. If it starts to happen and you escape to find a pig, charge your bow on the pig, for me it eventually charged and the bug stopped.
Something tells me these bugs have a lot to do with moments where lots of ingame FT data is being exchanged.

I find that aiming big to be with the plasma caster too. When I aim, it lowers the crosshairs. And the bow big too

Think of it as a temporary spear gun.

I can still use it despite not getting a full pull.

Although, if illfonic can’t fix this issue (within a reasonable amount of time), why not swap out the bow for a temp weapon that we can play test and ensure the future weapons implemented will work properly? (Spear gun, whip, glaive) or some form of weapon rotation to a degree to be able to focus on weapons not working?

Thoughts? @OldKingHamlet

Just spitballin

The bow can still be used but it’s becoming unreliable. I’m just not used to having the bow behave like a spear gun.

The main issue for me is the is the claim bug that is directly related to the bow bug.

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Yes I’d like a samurai Pred to shoot with it and make epic pics

It’s been almost a fucking month still no bow fix 😡