Fix the game already WE LOVE HIM

Let’s be honest, we love this game with all its mistakes because we love the franchise, but this has reached a limit, all the voice chats are from sad people because the game is full of its infinite loads screen and fps drops. I DONT WANT TO SEE THIS GAME DIE, No more cheap content, when they give new classes CHANGE THE ROARS FOR ONE MORE ORIGINAL, and if you will do that dont forget the old class and his roars. We will be more than happy to pay for those services even if the price goes up but don’t forget this game.
Increase your player numbers, not only the classes, more events, more customization in humans, more Predator weapons, fix the feral mask and let see the teeths.



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Speak for yourself, because nobody else loves this game.


Nope just you

Let me stop you right there. We don’t love this game with its mistakes, you do. Most people absolutely abhor the games shortcomings due to the gamebreaking bugs and lack of balance and content.

Again no we won’t, you and anyone else who lacks basic impulse control will.


I love what the game sometimes is and could have been

I play a lot, but I would love and recommend this game if only the frames wouldn’t drop and the audio was working properly. Those are the 2 things I hate the most about it.

This game needs to die

I’ll kill it myself if I have to, but it’s already on life support as it is.

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The game is sadly on life support, but in a perfect world where an economic crisis is not happening, I would gladly pay a LITTLE extra just for this game to get some much deserved love.

(primarily since the last Predator™ game was concrete jungle)

Excuse me? You do not speak for the community 🙄

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So what? Do I stay silent like the majority of the community? I have enough courage to speak at least, whether you agree or not, well, that’s what the reply button is for

Game is repetitive, boring and the urge to play this game has diminished. Love this game? No ty. I enjoyed Concrete Jungle hell of alot more than this game. PHG was a cash grab nothing more.


A shame, but you have a right answer

Um have you not seen my threads? I speak on a daily basis kid so I’d shut up before you stick your foot in your mouth and choke to death by your egotistical, pompous ass!

I spent hundreds of hours with this whore as well… was that what you would call love?


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reads thread
fak this shet


oh you poor, poor fool.

Jesus christ, just… no.
Proofread your posts. Just… ugh. Terrible.

Sorry In a bit of rage I kinda forget my proper mannerisms

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