Fix the game (it has potential)

This game has a lot of potential and I hope it evolves with future updates.

Stop bringing updates with new skins or packs and just focus on fixing the game’s defects.

In addition to fixing the bugs and other defects that are in the game, they could also add a new game mode, for example: Humans steal technology from predators and the predator needs to get them back or a mode where only those who stay in battle remain alive, the predator or the humans (no escape, the game only ends when the predator or all humans die)

My computer is not a gamer but even with bugs during my game I still use my torso so that this game becomes more accessible for all players.

Thanks for listening!!!

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No offence mate, but you’ve come here about 2 years too late.

Illfonic give -3 fucks about this game and its community now. They only see this game as an easy cash-grab to go and help fund their other horseshit games that went dead in 2 days of their release.


Don’t ever anyone complain about lag on this game!


Its never too late

You think the devs are gonna make something from this beta after almost 3 years??

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You are literally a phg fanboy who supports the developers and illfonic please stop they don’t care it is 3 years too late

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if they had decided to completely stop the follow-up, they would not release new classes.
For a multiplayer game like this, 2.5 years is nothing.
Some balancing is easy for them to do.
For me, while Illfonic doesn’t officially say it’s over, hope is allowed to see new things.

It’s your opinion

You can’t say facts are opinions

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Ghost busters is already death

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Because it were classes planned and built since the beginning. Are in the archive leaks. It’s not something new…


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Agreement with copyright something-or-other
The way I understand it, they’re legally required to finish the roadmap. Doesn’t mean they’re gonna put any effort into it.

Well, that’s bullshit.

And yet they don’t do it.

Hope is waiting for other people to fix your problems for you. Like faith, it is simply blindness to reality.

The reality is that I like the game as it is.
I’m not fooled, I know what a trailing stop means.
But as a general rule, it is communicated by the studio.
Here they had to launch Ghostbusters and I guess that’s why Predator is put on the side temporarily.
But Predator has another success than GB and they know it very well.
We’ll see what 2023 will be made of.
It is neither faith nor blindness but hope.


It remains for me to add that given the activity of the forum, social networks and the presence of ingame players, many are in my case.

💪 I agree with you

@Rockx8390 is this your alt account

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