Fix the matchmaking and the private match

Still blows my mind that it’s a 30 second wait to play as fire team and 11 minutes to play the only mode as predator. Also the way that the AI bots in a private match just immediately run to you and circle under you’re position in the tree. Can we not do anything about this ? I actually really like this game but it so frustrating trying to play it

We sure it’s a bug and not everyone wanting to play the only unique thing about this game?

“Still blows my mind” that there are people out there who still doesn’t understand what it means to play asymmetrical games. IQ <80?


Call it whatever you want but the fact is most people bought this game to play as predator. Not to play some shit version of COD where each team has a friendly predator. Such a terrible game mode

So why do you complain on 11min queue as Predator then?
If 100 FT players and 100 Predator players wants to play an asymmetrical game at the same time, how long do you suggest the Predator players should have to wait to be able to enter a lobby?

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Don’t bitch then, it’s your fault the ques are like this in the first place