Fix your mechanics

Specifically the propensity to balance this game around a 1v1.

Go to 6:20 in the video. This mother fucker is in a bear trap. I threw a combistick through his HEAD. Multiple melee hits. He can still parry, pop instant heals and keep repeating this process until reinforce. This one exchange highlights multiple broken mechanics.

  1. Parry as it exists today
  2. FT health
  3. FT magic instant heals
  4. Disgustingly low predator damage output
  5. Knife damage
  6. The FT asswiping that is the reinforce as it currently exists (though if missions actually took 15-20 minutes and not fucking FOUR and predator got resupply this would not be an issue).

Now yes, I beat this team. They seem rather new and I didn’t go for the skull fuck out of the gate. But imagine a squad of 4 experienced players when the mechanics of the game are balanced in this way. FT abilities are absurd. Predator nerfs are equally absurd.

Now do you see it @IllFonic @OldKingHamlet there is no way a good predator can win against an equally good squad.

So I don’t know what data you use to decide on balance changes. I understand the challenge of balancing around a coordinated team vs potatoes. But something needs to change. The predator in this game is a meme.

That, combined with the outlandish bugs that fuck over pred players referenced in my topic from yesterday, makes it amazing that anybody still plays this.

Maybe now is the time to actually…you know…TALK


I doubt they will sir, I just don’t think at this point they care anymore about the state of game and are just using Character dlc as $ grabs. They have over what 8-9 months and provided one new map and loads of buffs for ft? smh idk but clearly a better Developer could probably make this game better then what illfonic has done so far.

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Will only ever happen if they improve console aim assist so pubs are less trash