I take it you are interested in the female predator anatomy?

No…flapjacks are another name for pancakes my dude.

Lol im aware but you never heard it used to describe flappy tits? 😂😂


Welp now you have


You like em extra saggy is what I’m hearing.


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Lmfao not too saggy where it looks like a grocery bag with water 😂😂

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Damn here I thought you were fuckin around with old bitches with no teeth getting gummies.

XD lmao I’m just fkn around man.
Shit was just funny to me.


Weeellllllll actually…lmao naw idk about that I haven’t hit rock bottom yet 😂😂


Lol better then you watching children porn you sick Fuck lol 😂

You should be a politician,the narrative you are pushing is way off what I was clowning you for. And no one said anything about child porn…you must be confused I’m not your psychiatrist .You really talk to them bout that hang up with cartoons. Stop projecting and take your meds Otis.

Says the guy who knows what it is lol

I said it looked like ren and stimpy a cartoon from my generation. Seeing how you are a young pup and all. At the time no one knew the creator was a shitbag. Until recently about 5 to 10 years ago. You reaching with the whole “ I like child porn shit”. It’s like you don’t understand I was saying you are posting something you shouldn’t because everyone knows better know and that the creator is a bad dude. But I was wrong because it wasn’t ren and stimpy …because I don’t watch cartoons for children. Get it now? Get help because this projection & persona of yours is straight tired. You just some dude who keeps using the same accusation repeatedly because you know damn well you are one hypocrites I was talking bout in initial post. Kay Debbie, but I get it got to be the king of flapjacks…does anything come with that prestige…besides dementia from all mental gymnastics you are doing?

You know hes got autism right?

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Do you admit it dang that’s fucking gross no wonder you have to insult people who use memes, just hits home doesn’t it lol

Ok boomer lol 😂


Ok Vazs, have a fun time chasing Snow White.