I find it funny the same people who trash this game in forum are in the dev stream right now placating them…smh . Not mention saying I’m done with game…still trying get free shit…pure comedy.


I hope Illfonic is being crucified in that comments section

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It mostly streamers of this game who talked so much shit today about this patch in the forum today…but while in the dev stream in there calling it the game visually stunning, etc…🤣😂😅🤣🥲 flapjack motherfuckers indeed. On my a handful of peeps was being truthful and they got timeout almost instantly.

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Sir you ok? we communicate with words not gifs pedo inspired art.

Yeah can I get my flapjack though? Haven’t had one in years them motherfuckers are tasty 🤤


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I’m not Carl and I love slicing fruits…bring it.

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You may not be carl…
But something bout you…


I’m glad you know where it’s from.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/ACtC-3eS6YS9PekR5ub7zuYveSIUd8uhfVdRY-NAvi0o-Qx-YQPVtm91uukPpcQPyOQU0Dt-l-Dr59Hnq_jyZJuSxclaoleL7_lk9q5AkKzaDOLvZgTz1GqdNrAk4Um8Xx3E1cgwjuQQHNwDRZeM-MEc_s8Q=w900-h679-no?authuser=0 you may test that assumption at your convenience.

The shows called flap jack thought you might be familiar but apparently you watch child porn lol 😂

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That show looks like it’s work of creator of Ren & Stimpy…a major pedo unfortunately. So sorry if not up on your generation calls cartoons. But thanks for info… make sure you don’t blow off your foot with your caster …seeing you are geriatric Predator and all. Bye

Sweet Picard quote. Duras was such a bitch.

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Idk why I thought this post was referring to flapjack tits 😂😂 seeing as I’ve seen ppl drooling over predator tits 🙈

Ya and make sure not to jack off to hard to your child porn and break your arm you sick fuck lol 😂

Good kinda weird ppl gettin turned on by female predators lol

Says the guy who still watches child oriented cartoons. Just post another predator gif it’s what you do best.