Floating hat shadow glitch still there since game released.

I can’t believe how this glitch has not been fixed and it’s been there since the beginning.

If you’ve never seen it watch the ground near your character and you’ll see the shadow of your hat or mask with no body under it. It’s like the only thing that actually casts a shadow. None of the players cast shadows!!!

Why would they let this glitch keep persisting, is it impossible to fix?

It’s definitely not impossible to fix. The reason it’s still here is probably because they’re worried about other more game breaking glitches such as the freezes or the recently patched loadout crashes

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I agree that they are probably worried that it will break other things.
I am just surprised that a game would even get out the door with such a dumb looking problem. I’m not sure why they just don’t turn off shadow casting for the hats if they can’t get other shadows to work right, at least it would be consistent.

As far as i can see, your own player doesn’t cast a shadow (my character with no hat and with communications headset no shadow is seen)…maybe a certain hat does i dont know but you cant see my own shadow. -to me, i think its fine unless its absolutely necessary to tell time by your shadow.

Everyone else on the team (not your character) does cast one.
There are two shadows for each FT that i see…blob shadow directly beneath you and your feet and realtime cast shadows of your entire body.