For Honor thread

For us for honor nerds.


I can get behind this lol

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Who’s your main

I mean I don’t play anymore. Not since January. I jumped around alot over the years. First main was Valkyrie, then Aramusha, then Tiandi and lastly Nobushi.

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I invested way too much time into that game.

Yeah I’ve put some hours in too


What about you, what did you main? What you think of the upcoming Warmonger?

These days I play a lot of cent since his rework/buff. Might go back to orochi cause he was my og main now that he’s getting buffed too. But the new character looks verrrry strong. Warden 2.0

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Wait what?!?!! Warmonger?

Bruh look up the new character lol super nutty

Just did seems badass. When will the next season launch?

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I think in like a week or two lol

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I regret not sticking around to try the Cent rework. I may come back just to mess around with him and WM

He has like. Dumb 50 50 game now lol

Oof…see I don’t like that mechanic. I like chain weaving. Probably why I like Tiandi and Nobushi so much.

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Yeah I feel that for sure

But I mean I get it. 50/50’s are good way to give characters pressure mid chain, but it just feels dirty sometimes. Like oldschool HL kick to grab.

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Did you play when hitokiri dropped?

Oh yeah, Hito was bad with that. The animations were smooth too so it was very hard to react

Yeah I still love playing hito even after the fat nerf