FRAG/A.C.I.G Glitch (Video)

If you Hold down R1 Button and after that start mashing R2 button you can do this glitch
Fix it pls
@OldKingHamlet @Courier @Kassinaillia
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What exactly is the glitch? I just see you making your character say lines then throwing gear. 🧐

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you really can’t see ?!
Are your eyes ok 🤔 ?!
You can throw 3 Frag/A.C.I.G in 1 second
It’s the glitch

Yeah it’s a glitch. But since you don’t take advantage from that, fixing it it’s not a priority thing in this game’s list of fixes, in my opinion.

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Old news 🤭

Impressive after almost a year after Jelou posted about it though


Ikr 😁😁
But somebody should tell them again about this XD

Already did, in detail, next time go here

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It can kill Preds so fast when they eat all those grenades while claiming.

Also possible to throw 1 more grenade than you actually have which will leave you showing with “-1” grenades LOL.

Example here:

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Normal you can only throw once every …nope this normal. HECKER! CHEETA!

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Sam is true i guess

It can if you’re lucky. Id say 1/8 tries if you’re actually trying. Most of the time you’ll likely throw them by mistake and is kind of annoying.

Only if it’s a potato Pred. Cause only the first grenade is cooked. The following ones aren’t, which gives the Pred enough time to jump out.

Maybe you should just Throw all of them before Pred goes for claim if you know his playstyle
Cuz he can’t cancel the quick claim animation it dosen matter even if he see all those Frags
But still , needs to fix

Yeah… It needs… I don’t really use that glitch…

I reported the glitch that you can throw frags along time ago
But don’t be mad at players guys
It’s not their fault
Look when I reported this bug , how many updates we got after I reported this shit ?!
They didn’t fix it cuz they don’t care


I also explained how you can do this glitch
6 months ago

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Are you able to reproduce this in the most current patch?

Ofcours we can , it didnt get fix after 6 months

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I’m not doubting it’s occurring, I’m just asking if the steps to reproduce it have changed.