FRAME DROPS PS4 only problem??

The frame drops in this game is really doing it for me. When’s theres too many ai it’s basically a photo slide. Or some times just walking through the jungle. Is this a PS4 problem only and o only notice this with the fire team which makes me not want to touch them. Also how can they fix this is it even possible lmk.

i get this problem whenever i play predator on backwater it’s for the most part a PS4 issue but not just a FT issue from my understanding

I think IF they harness the extra power of the PS4 pro we can get a 4K 60fps experience. However I doubt they will otherwise it would have been a feature at launch. Which is odd considering PlayStation is the only console it’s available for and that crossplay is supposed to be a thing. It’s bad enough PC players have better accuracy but they also get an massive edge on performance (they complain about 60 fps being too low) Keeping my fingers crossed though. Hopefully they can at least get some more optimization at least.

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