Fresh vs frozen food

They made one at the Doctors office.

The worst part is female nurses actually have to put up with shit similar this IRL when dealing with fuckbois. Which is why they often call in the biggest most masculine absolute unit of a doctor or male nurse on the floor to go in and ruin the fuckboi’s day.
That’ll be one of the perks of the job when I become doctor, as I love trolling and ruining people’s days who deserve it.

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Until you get a fk boi that will take whatever they can get. Like @Cozzar20 or @MassImpact124


Those fk boi vids are funny as hell.

Youl taste my shit?
Wtf is wrong with you?

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How about noooooo

It’s you. 100%

If it makes you feel better than sure I guess?

casually eats shit

I usually do too, but only if there’s at least $150 coming my way.

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150 per fucking hour

Well yes I think that’s the point