Friday the 13th

Anybody else play this?
I bought it really late around April or so and figured the online would be long dead by then, so I was only playing against bots and doing the challenge missions. Well, I attempted to play an online game yesterday, and to my surprise the queue times are even shorter than the queue for FT!

Game’s so damn fun!


I still play it from time to time even though it’s a pretty trash game


I been trying to get into it… I am a huge F 13 fan, just got the new boxed set today. The game is so slow though and while I have some fun it just makes me want to play Predator.

Lately I have been playing Dead Space for PC. Now that is a scary game.


It’s fun I played the hell out of it when it was popular sadly it started dying once the lawsuit happened but you can still find games.

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I got my Friday the 13th Blu-ray set yesterday and watched the uncut original

That movie is so underrated it’s criminal

Also Never Hike in the Snow came out yesterday


New boxed set you say? Might treat myself to it for this Halloween…

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Yep just released yesterday from scream factory

the first four movies got 4k upscans that are really clean

Also there are never before seen kills in pt 2

A true 3d version for pt 3

There are a few minor issues with this release tho

The most noteable being a small scene that is apparently missing from the uncut version of JGTH

Mine arrived slightly damaged 😢


Does it include the 2010 remake? Jason X? Freddy v Jason? Because I’m hella tempted now…

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I play it off and on since i backed it before it came out so i got that savini to take advantage of. And also it has offline mode so i can kill as jason whenever i want… just a shame the lawsuit got in the way of the games updates I’m sure it would have still been going strong… maybe predator would have been better since they would have worked on a tittle longer and learned more about bugs and balancing…but anyway yes people still play this game especially on ps4 i find matches always just not so much in the early morning like 3am

It’s every Friday movie

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No sir those weren’t on the table to begin with its the old school all the way up to jason x and or uber jason. But the lawsuit got more serious so they had to stop making content for the game and jason X did not get made… but he is in virtual cabin whoch is like a f13 museum for fans of the films and lore…but thats when illfonic left the game entirely and left the bug fixes and balancing to another team they also added private matches where you can change the settings for jason and make him invulnerable and really get that feeling of helplessness. But the game is fun just make sure you got a few buddies to play with just incase. Or just ask on here im always down for Jason. But you got part 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and savini jason if you backed the project during kick starter or backerkit fundings. I say the game is worth it. Its fun murdering fools

We are talking about the movie box set

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Oof my high ass did not see that… the box set is dope it has alll of them

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Trashy in a good way 😉

speaking of Savini Jason; I don’t have him but for some reason I often get changed to him during the little cutscene at the end where he’s walking back to the shack.

I haven’t tried playing past about 1:30 am, but thankfully it’s still easy to find a game. Though by that point it seems to be mostly Japanese players (I’m in Australia).

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Glad to hear it still finds matches