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So the first season was fucking amazing. A Mystery story playing out.
Second Season…well the first half was ok…then it was as if they ran dry with story and decided to let B-roll of screams and scenes with “agonizing pain” be shown in all it’s entirety.

I almost felt that this was deliberate. Because there was enough time for me to go WTF and ask the question what really am I watching here.
Many of the scenes in season 2 was showing supporting role characters screaming for at least 3 minutes. Literally. Not kidding at all.

It was 3 minutes of (and I have to coin the term) “Characters in Agonizing Pain” scenes. I can’t tell you how annoying it is where the full 3 minutes could not have been summed up in 5-10 SECONDS with a special effect cut away. But no…the director needed to keep all footage of what was filmed because, you know what?, the Director couldn’t fill those episodes with any more story.

I AM SERIOUS! and the agonizing pain scenes were of one SHOT and ONE TAKE. NOT a transition to another different style or scenerio. It was ONE SHOT throughout of one agonizing pain scene with eventually some kind of ending. Sometimes there was no death involved which could have been helpful or satisfying. No happy fuck. No good byes.

Thats like 3-5 minutes per character that is in pain and there are about 5-10 characters that will do this.
The season finale was basically a snuff film. SNUFF. Scenes Not Usual For Family. Basically they could have excercised 10 minutes of useless character roles facing some kind of “agonizing pain” but they kept it in for each character for 3-5 minutes too long.

Jesus. Well. at least they had me hooked, then they had me skipping lots of video. Basically the story is still good through out the finale. But its not mind blowing.

Go watch its always sunny in Philadelphia mass

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i always apprecient comedic relief. I’ll look into it!

One problem with the series are that all the characters (at least most of the background knobs) have no story whatsoever and we are suppose to care that they have a ‘need’ to be apart of this community through seduction, naivity, stupidity or diligence where they infact most of them are have no moral value or substance to them except the ones who actually have “good ideas” that progressed the story through the first season.

The true idea generators of this story make the story. Then those who didn’t contribute becomes the victim. Well I guess this is another “LOST” story line.

Hey, guess what, that was like Ridley Scotts Prometheus and everyone complained about the character developement after they let the entire story sink in. Well this story sank in almost right away when they are apparently quiet boring to begin with and no CGI to help it along the way.