FT is no challenge to Pred

Wipe out the whole FT is something very easy to do. I need some challenge.
The whole team can be killed in a few seconds, you just need to take them for the back or shoot from long range. Do not melee to avoid parry. Do not claim, just fire until they are dead. You dont need even to use the cloak. No damage, no time waste, no reinforcements, nothing. Put more HP on them, powerfull guns or something like that.

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Until you fight a good team lol.


The guy has never met a premade, lol.


challange? u need a challange?
good mate, go in with just the disk, no perk, no items.
and try to face an entire team of pc players.


Stop it… get some help

So many matches my boyz get kicked… 2 suppt vs pred… lol good luck

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Just played against a full pc team and I might as well not even cloaked

. You have to predict movements and get in a position they can see you. Its best to play vs a few pc ft friends…

I held still waiting on them for 30 seconds shoulda been completely invisible

If you shot they will shoot in that directions… tree branches are friends

I didn’t that’s what baffles me one just started shooting me out of nowhere

Even a crackling sound can pin point location… i know how pc fireteams work. Like to hunt you early… best to attack during missions or clear openings… pretty much playing scout jumping inand out helps… the scouts speed actually helps a lot and they will miss a lot…i have vids on my channel killing full pc fireteams without them knowing where i am

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https://www.twitch.tv/videos/657376105 Here is a good example. FT teams like this one are extremely difficult to deal with. (Sorry in advance for my English)

Okay why did you bring up the disc lmao I’ve been facing only pre mades all week pretty much with my disc and have downed every player with that thing lmao it’s the best weapon In the game we half to give him the elder sword against a pre made and see what he says lol


Doubt you’ve been killing any PC players, sounds like alot of boasting with out proof, as per usual silly dumpster fire.

My steak was ended by a pre made lol and I lasted till the end and got a few hits in with disc lol @richterbryan

I did get smoked tho lol

Nah but seriously I tape every match lol ill upload like 10 tonight 🤣

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Best to take disk and bow or if your not comfortable with disc take combi for throw. If u lose your mask at least u can do something. Last time mask was shot off was 3 months ago and still won before zerk nerfs


Guess you havent played against a sweaty 4man pc team who care nothing about objectives


Sweat pred vs sweat pc is 50 50… you get the first kill early… the other 3 literally start to sweat

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XDDD, i dont think he is a disk player

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