Ft is not op you just trash

Its a good game to play between rounds of the pred. You wont even realize you have waited 10 mins lol


10 min? Bro that’s sus but I don’t have the proof so skip for now.

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I agree. I seen countless videos of players going in melee. And end up dying to ft. That’s why I try to damage em by range.

Pred’s who drop in right in the middle of four fireteam members DESERVE nothing less than getting blatted, that’s just dumb play, other than that some excellent pred’s out there that have no problem at all turning the fireteam into piles of gooey flesh, you can tell which ones are good and which ones are duuuuuuurrrr straight away.

LOL well I guess this will be another thread thats gonna get Locked ehhhh ummmm RELEASE THE CRACKEN!!! @IllFonic @Courier

You sure about that?? Bitch please… https://youtu.be/B9d8sJvCav0

Up got another slasher. Lol. This one is a Fuckboi

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Sadly theres fucking idiots who actually believe this shit. Original post I mean.

Ohhh i know.

I think at this point they should add in 100 xenomorphs. All player controlled.

Fuck both pred and ft.

Have them both get overrun. XD.

I wouldnt even go to kill.
I’d just run around and crawl on a ceiling.

Of course you would you fucking degenerate.

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You’re a hooker.

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I can’t help but personally agree for the most part. Although Predators do deserve Specializations and for the game, to have the Parry Glitch to be fixed; at the same time, all I’m seeing are City Hunters running in with the Alpha Sickle into a Full FT. Sure, it does bonkers damage with Fearless, but you’re still gonna get whacked.

You’re ideally supposed to balance out Melee and Ranged playstyles to whatever suits your situation, at least that’s what I believe. Still dunno why I see so many Alpha Sickle users in the midst of this Parry Crash ordeal.

Isn’t the sickle meta as fuck?

yeah… I don’t get it. I’ve yet to be crashed with the Eldersword though. Been murdering squads in bulk.

Well you’re a whore with a hard Q

You’re a bitch with a hard T.

Have you seen arrow vid or any of his FT vid? The grim tech pistol one. Where they killed a pred with only the pistols? Yea 4 pistols should not kill an alien from another planet.

I prolly should be angry, but I don’t feel nothing.

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