Ft lectures pred?

Has anyone else had ft give you a lecture because you just hopped around and destroyed them? It’s like your supposed to toy with ft first. All I hear is we are salty you didn’t give us time to kill you. 😂


yeah i’ve had FT scold me for using the net gun or the bear trap and i’ve had people scold me over winning the game quickly i’ve even had people scold me for not fighting them when they literally chose to sit on rooftops and wait till timeout (which by the way a time out is a predator win)

and of course i’ve had people complain for when they call for Me 1V1 PrEd WiTh KnIfE
and instead i just net em or trap em or shoot em instead cause why the fuck would i give them a fair chance when parrying gives them the advantage?


Yeah I just got told that’s not how predator fights. I’m like I’d be super stealthy if weapons for preds were insta kill like in the movies but in this game actual stealth play isn’t really possible with a half decent fire team

well according to “Yautja code” it isn’t sadly however this game doesn’t respect said code so why should we?

Cool link. But yeah… any Pred that runs off and hides after some fire from my team is dishonored. Better to die in the hunt than save your skin. Accept defeat as an opportunity for a glorious death.

if you have a gun in your hand your going to die…or you could “run… gooo…get to da choppa” instead?

I generally leap behind the furthest one quick throw combi slash with wrist blade one down. Hop to other side of building get combi stick back rinse repeat

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