FT melee is broke


@IllFonic can you chime in on this?

Illfonic has no need to comment. I can tell you right now its not about the melee, its how bad that predator played that instance.


" FT melee is broke"

The word you are looking for is OP XDDDDDDDDDD

Its not OP, try doing a 1v1 with a capable predator and see how it goes. Not even going into if he has the net gun.

Now if you RUN up to the target in full view (if I was that guy, the predator would get to me close to half life) and then continue to try to use your wristblades from the front to kill him. That was a massive noob move.


No it’s broke he parried twice with no stamina.

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You don’t need stamina to parry. It drains you stamina so you can’t get away but it should not, under any circumstance not allow you to parry if you don’t have stamina. Now that would be broken.

True, I’ll admit it was ;-)

That guy was trash, elder sword is already too strong compared to the other weapons.

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Another pred main crying and complaining because he sucks lmaooooo…if a ft parries you once, chances are he’ll do it a few more times, so you shouldn’t continue to melee him. I just won this match against a Samurai that all he did was melee. I parried him like 4 times while the team blasted him. After the first parry just bounce homie.

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No if you don’t have stamina you should not be able to parry endlessly that’s bs. Ya I am a pred main so what I can’t endlessly attack without stamina so why should you get endless parry.

Waa waa waa…😭😭😭

Sure, if predator melee drained stamina per hit (the same amount as parry). Now take note, after running and leaping you’re probably not going to be able to melee just as well.

Now if you expect to just run in there and do nothing but melee to win… You’re one of the predators I love killing :)


Because you are the aggressor attacking a defender and defenders need to have an advantage while defending.

When the pred was op all y’all FT players did was bitch and cry. Me a good player sees something that is broke you try to say im just crying. All you FT mains can get bent.

Not that strong that’s bs

I’m good, thanks for the offer though.

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I swear this game is turning men into whinie little bitches.

Just play the game and have fun, quit all this bitching and complaining already.

Not many people complain about FT around here, the vast majority of complain come from the predator side. I can agree with some of them, like the range of snipers blowing preds across the map but parry not working when you don’t have stamina? Nah man…

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Did you reply to yourself?


and those ft mains that cry and complain are all little bitches as well.