FT mission intros

I really wish we could have a whole bunch of intros for the game to choose at random before each mission. Nothing major, just some alternate animations for each character, that sort of thing.


New intos would be awesome

I’d like to have my soldier napping then someone kick his foot right before rope drop

Or reading a magazine

Or playing a handheld game

Or smoking a stogie

Or sharpening a knife

Or loading his weapon


Both FT and Predator would deserve some different intros that happen to be chosen randomly for each new match.

  • Fireteam
  • Predator

Preparing for the battle by sharping her/his wrist blades/blade like in the 87 movie.

Checking on her/his gear before entering the map.

@OldKingHamlet & @Courier maybe put that into your list for feedback to take into account.


Maybe the extra intros could be added into the field lockers and once they’re unlocked they’ll be added into the pool of possible intros? Would help to keep the lockers relevant and could keep things feeling fresher for longer.

A good intro for the pred would be lifting a skinned bodie via a rope n then look up to see the chopper over head