FT need to be given something in the next update

Now I’m a Pred main - hardly ever play FT, but I think they really need to have some more goodies come their way.

Off the top of my head, here are a few suggestions:

• Ability to set a trap in Jungle next to a tree (similar to scenario in the original film). This would be a once a game ability and would trap the Pred for a certain amount of time as well as deal a small amount of damage (basically the FT’s version of the Bear Trap).

• Flame-thrower weapon - no more explanation needed.

• A game mode where the objective is to capture the Predator. The FT would have their secondary weapon be the Nitro-oxide type gun used in the abattoir scene in P2, and would have access to suits/perks which greatly reduced their heat-signature for this game mode. Meanwhile, the Pred’s mission would be to take out certain AI ‘commanders’ that spawned in at certain points in the match, and obviously also avoid being captured.

• Although it might be difficult to recruit the actors for voice lines and use of their likeness*, it really would be great to have the likes of Dillon, Mac, Blaine, Billy etc in the game.

Does anyone else have any ideas to incentivize playing as FT?

*Especially difficult in Billy’s case seeming as the actor is dead.


They stated that cool stuff are coming next month for ft let’s hope


Here’s a few things I feel would get me to play FT and that others might like.

retro weapon skins. Modern guns are ugly.

Danny Glover

FT vs FT vs Pred

Better more complex missions (make it feel like it’s single player)

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Bring the main characters from all movies, but with unique weapons and expanded lore:

-Having survived multiple cycles in the preserve planet, and killing the champion, Royce gained the chance to participate in a great hunt, one that will give him and Isabelle the right to return home;
-He has a costume improved AA-12 with some Yautja tech attached to it capable of messing with their thermal vision, and a Yautja axe(the one used to kill Mr.Black);
-He should be a mix between a scout and a assault. Really fast but still able to deal a good amount of damage even in close combat.

-Same backstory as Royce;
-She has her Blaser R93 LRS2 with a eletronic escope, capable to easily spot a decloaked Pred in the jungle;
-She should be a mix between a scout and a recon, she should move really fast but also being near undetectable when mudded up.

-After becoming a important figure duo to the Stargaze incident, Mackenna became a important member in OWLF and works alongside Dutch to surpress Yautja presence and collect their tech;
-His weapon should be quite a unique one, a human prototype plasma caster, not quite similar as the actual plasma caster, but not like a regular gun either;
-He should be a mix between assault and a recon, capable of handling close combat but also being proficient in long distance.

And also giving new weapons to them plus a mode where the Predator must escape and collect his tech(giving him the option to stay and fight in the end) while the FT hunts him. Imagine something like Evolve.


They are saying this since the start, and they always lie ahahahah. They will not add new game or maps next month, maybe one new map but it will be only this. Lower you expectation guys, these devs are the worst in the world.

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Lol keep spilling your hate men. If they drop the 3 maps I hope it will make you shut up for once. And again if you are unhappy if their job go take their place and show us your skill cough

I lost all the hope for these devs, 3 new maps it will be the minium, not a good thing, the minimum. And of course you are one of the many ass licker of illfonic in this forum.


Better have hope than act like one of this twitter brat who spill their hatred any days ;)

I don’t even have twitter, and having hope doesn’t mean lick their ass. They are doing a bad job by managing this game. They don’t listen to community and they don’t answer in bug section. Better have hope, yes…


Lad, this type of games tends to add content in the long run, I don’t expect them to launch a whole new game worth of content in just 3 months. When this game reach it’s first year, then we can claim if they did a good with the game.
But considering they are updating the game monthly, yeah it seems like a good job, considering some games goes with months without updates.

Most of free to play games have better content than this game, that , I remember to you , it was 40€ plus 7 € dutch dlc , 5€ samurai and 5€ city hunter.


a new map to die in all over again 🤣👍

Seriously another class would be nice but no more skins until we get a variety of maps please

Add Mike Harrigan, Royce, Isabelle, Dillon, 1987 skin for Dutch as his elite skin like all the other classes. Add new weapons (Flamethrower, rocket launcher), gear (Flame grenade, mini UAV/recon drone), or new weapon attachments (tracking rounds that make the pred bleed more, flame rounds). Make weapon caches rarer but hold unique weapons that are unavailable to select from customization. New cosmetics that aren’t just shaders and instead new helmets, hair & face models, etc.

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How long has these free games have been released? And how often they get updates? I don’t play free games that often, but last one I played was Fortnite. I remember the big events in Fortnite being often quite spread through the year, but considering this game has a quite “big community”, I think it can pay itself in the long run.

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There is no hope for the FT

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I want to see FT get more tec and characters but come on people this is no where close to a realistic Predator experience. A 8 foot plus 700 pound plus Alien hunting, the universe’s best hunter getting stabbed, and chased down and getting pot shot by humans who apparently can see almost right threw their cloaking tec if they move even an inch. This has got to be one of the worst Predator experiences to date when it comes down to a realistic fight with a Predator. I think they should make it where the Predator has all it’s stat boost and able to carry all its equipment and has much larger stamina, energy and health reserves. Humans should only earn these stat boost, health boost and stamina boost as they level up. You know like in real life where soldiers have to train to become stronger but, be nowhere close to the Predators at all once maxed out. Once again like they are in the movies and comics. They should make it where the FT has to lay traps and set explosives to do real damage to any Predator. Then and only then would they even come close to a true encounter with one of these hunters. The way it is now is too unrealistic for true Predator fans.

I seriously wish we had the technology to recreate the cloak… just so I could show you how useless it would actually be in any well lit environment.
You’re a shimmer, it stands out like heat on the pavement in the summer. Of course we can see you. Try being actually sneaky and using cover.

PS. Knock off the true Predator fan BS, you have no authority to decide who’s a fan or who isn’t.

Illfonic is not a big studio like Treyacrh or infinity ward, you need to chill out.

It’s not an excuse any more at this point

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clearly you’ve never heard of BHVR . Developers of Dead by Daylight.

Game has been unstable for a year now with Dedicated server implemented, takes about 20 minutes to find a game as the Survivors…

You get hit when the killer isnt even near you.

Illfonic are saints compared to the BHVR