FT pre still unbalanced

After a longer break from the game, it is pretty much worse than ever before…
FT is doing even more DMG now, and has self revives, drones and grenade launchers that still do broken dmg with Y-Bane… w t f …

It is really sad to see that the DEV’s only focus on the “solo players” to keep the crowd play FT and buff them every 2nd patch, because it is the majority of FT-noobs that cry about Pred beeing too strong…

Everyone knows that an exp’ed pre FT group will always win (PC) no matter what setup you play, the dmg is just ridiculous, and you can neither go range, nor hop in step by step unless there is 20x pigs.

So, if you manage to maybe kill one, or even two, you will still loose cause you need to back off sooner or later & heal yourself - that will give them time… and sooner or later, you will run out of heals, and they will come closer and closer to the end of their mission.

And on top of that is the Predators movement etc. still full of broken stuff…

So after all I mentioned, just think of one scenario:
As soon as you join (very fast usually) a lobby with 4x pc players with pretty much the same ms, you know the reason why the spot is free… if I join into empty lobbies that fast, it is always a pre that is waiting for a Predator…think about it lol

Tank with Field medic (gamebreaking in a pre)
Another one with sniper specialization and prolly long sight (gamebreaking in a pre x2)
Dante with Rocket launcher setup and yautja bane on top (… no comment lol)

“Balancing” gets worse and worse…so sad


They just have way more utility than the predator does. Which is, dumb. Lol


Hey look, another 100% true thread they’ll ignore as they wipe the FTs ass and keep breaking the game


Premades are unbalanced in every asyim because its balanced with random pubs in mind.

Aim assist needs to be better to improve the quality of pubs overall, there’s not really a way around it. Otherwise they just keep amping FTs damage in 1v1s in a 4v1 game.

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You just suck. Admit it. Most pred mains arent affected by this stuff because they’re adaptable. They also give preds stuff like ironsides to deal with damage. Stop saying its unbalanced. I take out preds regularly but the good ones can still get 7 kill wins like its the beta again.

What a useful reply.

To say the damage output, damage resistance, insane stacking, and other ridiculous FT abilities don’t affect the best preds is an oversimplification. It does.

Now, maybe they still win the vast majority of games, but let’s be real. The vast majority of the vast majority is against potato randoms. When you get a team of killers, it’s highly unlikely that predator will win.

But this is the annoying thing: those teams typically win not because they are more skilled. It’s because EVERY SINGLE mechanic in this game is designed to wipe the FTs ass.

Not to mention the amazing number of bugs that affect the predator and not the FT. I think what he was referring to was perhaps less about a win loss ratio and more about overall experience.

Broken mechanics and bugs giving one side a land slide advantage just isn’t fun for anyone.

It actually just needs 2 really good FT players with max dps output to win.
One just goes tank & grenade launcher + Y-bane, other one goes full sniper dps with strongest secondary handgun + Y-bane.

If these players know how to play together, and where to stand + spam sight = rip.

@Blade_Master300 @Mr_Mojo_Rising

…and I was not using Bane.

I wonder how a non headshot could take around 20-30% of my HP with each hit then lol

I do use the Sniper specialization, so when you’re spotted it actually does more damage than Bane, that’s why I don’t stack them.

With the build i have the Rocket launcher does as much damage as a direct grenade blast but i have many of them though.

True that, forgot about the specializations.
But that is the fact I’ve been complaining about - it is waaay roo much dmg