Fuck ghosts, where's P:HG 2

I’m bored af, if they put as much effort into phg as they did the Ghostbusters game, unlimited potential.

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The thing is they didnt put any effort into the ghostbusters game

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Really? Never played, just saw gameplay, and I saw that at it gets new maps every goddamn month. Like it gets updated way more than PHG did

PHG doesn’t need a goddamn thing!

Yeah it does 🤨

like what? ninja turtles? a city park? a laundramat?

A sequal

yeah and what we gonna get? Alien planet? A hunt reserve? Like we gonna get Falconer and drones?

A better game 🤨 whats your deal

and then what? whips and shurikens and different kill finishers?

Let me tell you what my deal is, you put that into your head …and tell me if you want to play that shit on ps4 baseline or with a controller.

Bro why tf would I know. They just need to make a game with predator that they’ll actually keep alive


IMO best hope for a good predator game is to get another developer to do it instead of Illfonic.
IllFonic has a long history of making shitty cash grabs just to fund the next cash grab project, a developer team who cares and makes the game a passion project would be a much better choice.


welp, to be honest, thats pretty much how small time hits the big time. What are you gonna do?

Has development on this game stopped completely?
There doesn’t seem to be any announcement from the developer or any bug fixes in the game.
Why aren’t there any bug fixes or balance adjustments?
Lack of funds? Shortage of manpower? Incompetent? Lazy?Is it for some contractual reason?
This is the first time I’ve bought a game from a company like this.

Thats never gonna happen they sharted on this game and smeared all over the player base

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You’ve answered your own question, sir.

when did you buy the game? and why did you think being late to the game (no pun intended) means you should set your expectations to “HIGH”?

  1. know what type of game you’re playing
  2. know how successfull it would have to be to prolong significant funding to making dlcs, updates,etc…
  3. know if its a franchise and that being so butters it nice and smooth for owners to make money off of or not.
  4. stop being obsessive about this game if you’re on lvl 300+. because i forget what lvl is the max but I forget …anyways stop obsessing. Most people here already know this game hit its peak a long time ago and only twats on a console are being this picky.

I laughed at this image right after I got out of bed.
As a reward I shall give you my seed.

I was very disappointed.
I’ve never seen a company like this before. thank you for answering.