Do we think paid DLC will stay character exclusive? (Pred/FT characters)? What else could we add?

Free DLC usually come with game and balance fixes/cosmetics. Do we think these free updates will include anything else? What else could we add?


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Shaders, skin patterns, masks, armor, weapon skins, new FT outfits etc

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I don’t want another camo as ft I actually want a new outfit like elite is sleeveless

Paid dlc will 💯 always be characters and classes as the only other thing I can think of that they would make us pay for like that would be actual skins/outfits like giving the recon class a guille suit or giving the predator something similar though some.people might get mad if there for example have to pay to put the city hunters armor on an elder class or something

Or a single player campaign I could see em charging us 15 bucks for that other titles in the past have after all

Literally anything else is free

Tassels are good enough for you? 🤣

Is this PHG or Wrestlemania brother?!

I mean sure? Why not

I get the satisfaction knowing someone at Illfonic had to make it

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Employee 1 : Hey Pete, what makes a Sniper blend in?

Employee 2 : Tassels. Definitely tassles.

Lol swamp thing