Game breaking bug

Was just dominating a team bad. Let them revive so the game could last longer, and while running through a building (map was derail) they were hiding in, i just froze in place, was stuck, second winded, and killed. You are taking advantage of fans of this franchise cause you know there’s no other predator game out there, so you don’t fix these things and leave us here super frustrated

Yeah that’s happened to me as well. Was fighting the last guy alive on the fire team one on one and it froze just long enough for him to kill me and get the win. Bullshit illfonic needs to fix their broken ass game

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Yeah not a fan of how often this happens either

Its fkn horrible

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Tbh that and also if u manage to escape but the pigs just dont spawn lmao… and ur there on roof healing lmao…

Umm or either you get disconnected after all of that ha…ah…aaa…

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Dude either the pigs are swarming you like prostitutes on a governor or just entirely absent from the map no in between


I’ve had it happen alot myself nothing like killing 3 of them with no problem then the last one soloing you because you can’t react

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Ohhh yes