Also you can see here that theres an annoying audio glitch that happens when fireteam uses suppressors so why would you give the bots suppressors for? To annoy me?? Thanks! Please remove the supressors from the bots so i wont have to hear this audio glitch(as often) cuz yall will never fix any bugs. Thanks again. NOT fix your game!!!

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Apparently it’s a dumb disc now

Actually, thanks for sharing this video. QA found this super helpful and we were able to replicate the issue (which is the critical first step in getting things fixed)


Holy crap a developer saw this

We see a lot: QA reviews several times a week the posts here. This video in particular, though, was super helpful, so I wanted you to know :p


Any update on the audio bug? I guess it slipped past the guys for 10 months? @REYNOSO_FUA11

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A video honestly wouldn’t help as it just happens randomly as the match starts. Several people have made videos were they have it as soon the match starts and it’ll randomly go away or stay the whole match but as soon as you get to the after action report it fixes itself. I’ve heard so many “fixes” yo this by several people and everyone turns out false except for those that say turn off your 3D audio however I don’t even have that feature so I guess I’m SoL.

Guess not.

I knew the answer before I asked mate

We actually just drilled down on replication steps the other day with PS5 consoles and audio becoming erratic, so we’re working on a lot of things. Just because you don’t see it in the current patch doesn’t mean we’re not reviewing and working on issues and feature requests.


Oh , well my mistake

Maybe next year 👍🏻

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The disc. Simultaneously the best and worst weapon.

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Thanks @OldKingHamlet anyway we can get the mini guns vibration on controller fixed 🥺🥺🥺👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I will post a thread on it…

Rebreather mask fix, please.

Also vertical leap bug.

And everything else we’ve mentioned. For the last year. And five months.

Rebreather mask glitch is fixed by deleting saved data

I don’t want to delete my saved data. I want the mask available immediately after purchase like every other mask. I shouldn’t have to go through a process just for a mask.