• support damage reduction
  • damage boost specialization perks
  • field Medic
  • sniper perk
  • scout damage reduction while running with tick skin (needed one arrow + combi throw + 2 wrist balde attacks in private match)
  • combi throw low damage
  • bow bugs
  • fast missions and all in the same village
  • overall fireteam damage
  • OWLF on Dutch 87 or 2025
  • Yautja Bane

Infinite complete invisibility is back too

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Ya I noticed but not when I use it dose PS4

don’t forget the spotter specilizatoin which slows predator classes by around 20% for up to 21 seconds (each spot is 7 seconds long it isn’t until the third spot that it goes on CD so you could have up to 21 seconds of uptime then it’s on CD for about a minute) practically causes viking predators to be at walk speed for the duration of the debuff and it affects predators while airborne

Playing against my team in the previous patch with NO restrictions was easier compared to play them now with restrictions. Why? Because the fact that a scout with 30% damage reduction and tick skin cant die with 1 arrow + 1 combi stick throw + 1 wrist blade attack is completely game breaking. The fireteam class with less hp and more speed has actually more hp than the Presator! The reason why they broke the game for ever is because even in Private with friends there are things that cannot be removed. You can put restrictions like: no bane, no specialization perks , no 2 SAWZ ecc. But the fact that Support class has 20% damage reduction it means every body become unkillable. Scout damage reduction while sprinting. Assault passive Yautja Bane. You cant ban even the classes. Like to play this game in a fair why you have to do 1 vs 2 now. They destroyed the game in a way that now is not even funny any more. I’ ve never seen a bad balance state in any other game in my entire life.


Don’t touch this, scouts finally have a class skill that isn’t embarrassing.

Rather not run thick skin, either.

Ok let the scout the reduction but remove it from support and also OWLF should cost 4 or 5.

Isn’t the Support one for others?

20% for everyone is broken

@OldKingHamlet @Courier try to test in private next time this team:

  • support field medic + Dexterous perk
  • assault deadly and bane
  • scout tick skin
  • dutch 87 OWLF


  • Viking Predator
  • Yautja Bow
  • Viking Axe

all guns broken, and scout

The Fire team

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FT minus zero -200degrees I TOLD YOU!

I’m just curious, if you don’t mind my asking what do you do for a living? I ask because I feel like you have the mind of someone who could legit make it as a comic.

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@OldKingHamlet @Courier remove the damage reduction passive perk from the Support. It is broken and game breaking. Too strong.

Predkour is broken, falling out of trees randomly and totally missing the branches I’m trying to switch too. Nothing like falling right in front of the Fireteam and getting lit the fuck up…

Also, combistick going straight through crouched Fireteam even though it’s a perfect shot and clearly goes through them.

We made a video and posted video on bug section. Of course it got ignored and they replied to the post with play station thropy bug that was adjacent to mine 😂.

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Medic with dextrous is ridiculous. It’s all ridiculous. Seems you wanted a 1v1 balance scenario. Well, you over shot. It’s in favor of FT even in 1v1. I don’t think there’s any fixing it anymore. They lack the ability.

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I agree. The scout is in a much better place.

The support defensive passive, field medic, and ALL the damage buffs are 2x stronger than they should be.

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I haven’t played with them all enough to gauge myself, I do think revive speed is broken, it was never that fast on my Scout with dexterous.
The passive buff should drop off and not effect the Support themselves if it does. Those are my only observations at this time, I can’t game much on work days, I’ll have a better idea by Friday.

Scout is certainly not as fragile as before, but now it forces you to move and flank which feels more appropriate than tanking damage to return fire.

I want to see what Pred specs are like, before adjusting them if that’s an option.