Game chairs

What is the point of those single use uncomfortably shitty gameing chairs.

Like why have something tht can only be used for a single purpose. I will never understand

Is…is this a Seinfeld bit?

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Is it too good to sit in for regular desk use? Too good to eat in?
I can see it now, some guy has two chairs in the room. Gets up periodically to exchange one for the other, and doesnt game just browses the web.


Why would I bring a game chair into my dining room. If you eat near your pc or in your room. I think of you as a slob. Sorry not sorry

Lol… but no I just don’t understand them. And they are not even that comfy.

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Clean off your desk when you’re done and there won’t be ants you animal.

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The use is for those companies to make money of that gimmick

I’m a slob

Judge away

Sorry not sorry

I’d rather eat away from my family and the wierdos that live in my house

I have a folding camping chair

It’s like a hammock

Hundreds of dollars for a chair just doesn’t sit well with me… See what I did there?

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You just never got the right one.

This is my gaming chair.

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What have you done to bumblebee?!?! He used to turn into a car now you’ve forced him to turn into a chair! You monster.


Still doesn’t explain its single use

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Speakers in your chair lol

Yes. A chair that I use every day for hours at a time for one purpose is single use.

Yeah I don’t understand the whole gamer chair thing either. Plus, I’d rather not declare to everybody who walks into my house that I spend so much time gaming that I bought a specific chair for it.



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Ummmmm that is what single purpose means. You only use it to play games. Hence it has no other purpose.

If you own a gaming chair and you are older than 17 you are a sheep.

James Cameron owns a gaming chair.

James Cameron must be under 17 then because he is no sheep.

I have a 2 seater leather sofa with individual recliners, has cup/can holders on the arms and is generally for comfortable gaming, movie watching and I’m hoping it’ll have some use when it comes to the old slap n tickle scenarios😏

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