Game crashing at launch.

Hello guys somebody can tell me how to fix that, I’m not able to launch the game.
Just reach the illfonic logo than the game is shutting down with this error.
I’ve tried to reinstall/install the game a lot of times, with the antivirus on/off but nothing change
even just with updating my drivers card.

LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 190]
OnlineSubsystemIllFonic failed to load or is missing!

0x00007ff9e47d3e49 KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff623ec0157 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff623e9097a SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff623e477c3 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff623e476b8 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff623639c87 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff623641c73 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff623641d2a SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff62364a9f9 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff625b4c1e2 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff9e6266fd4 KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction []
0x00007ff9e6c1cec1 ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction []



Funny to see how illfonic devs just ignore peoples up like me who’s complaining about
a fucking bug since the game was launched.
I’ve never encoutered as many shit than that game, has been a lot of months passed up and never get an answer back not even an pm in return…
They really don’t give a fuck about their customers, it’s the last time I’ve buying a game developed by Illfonic.

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You’re not alone there mate.

Although after this mess I can pretty much guarantee they will go to PS4 exclusive releases (it’s “slightly” less fucked up on PS4).