Game doesn't start?

Anyone having the bug in the lobby when the game legit just does not start? The counter will go down to 0 but the game just does not start. It’s made me have to leave even though I have to wait long enough (like 10 minutes) to play Predator. It’s a very frequent thing now for me, and it’s starting to drive me insane. It’s such a stupid, simple bug, that somehow hasn’t even been patched yet.

Yep, its a common bug thats been around for quite awhile, wolf update or longer i think?

IllFonic just doesn’t wanna fix it…sorry man.

You can sometimes see it coming by the Callsigns of the Fireteam.
It will be bugged if:

  • one FT player gets Echo and another one Foxtrott.
  • one FT player gets Foxtrott, while another doesn’t have any Callsign.

Basically, if you see that a Fireteam player has F Callsign leave.