Game freezes/stutters-I don't know what's going on with this game

Before the last week or so, my computer was able to run PHG on max settings with no problems whatsoever. Out of nowhere, quite literally, the game takes 2-5 minutes to boot up (compared to 30-45 seconds before), the textures take longer to load in, and clicking on ANYTHING new makes the game freeze for a couple of seconds and there’s occasionally some random freezes here and there. A majority of the time I can’t load into hunt matches because I get a message saying there is a server network error, this has happened to me before, but not as frequently as now. I know it’s not my internet or my PC because I have none of this stuttering/glitching- whatever happening while playing any other game. I can eventually play normally without any stutters after a couple of games when everything loads in but this shouldn’t happen lmao. Verifying game files did nothing, reinstalling did nothing… I don’t know what’s wrong, anyone having the same problem??

This video shows what I’m talking about, all settings are on low and my FPS never drops below 100.

Not just pc, on every platform the performance keeps getting worse with new shit added in.

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That’s just fantastic, to fix this let me guess… 15 gb update??

Best I can do is 20gb

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There is your answer, genius.

You’re a good negotiator, let’s settle at 25.

Can you read/understand what the post is about??

No, I can’t read English.

And apparently neither can he.

15gb isnt a lot…
But this game will always have problems cause illfonic

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This is very true .