Just trying to get Illfonic to acknowledge the fact the game is down world wide since they don’t respond to messages or post anything saying they are working on it.


Well, that’s that I guess 🤷‍♀️

They pulled the plug, the game is finished.

I deeply hope not. So much potential… Wasted…

I just tried logging in same here

*i really hope they did not pull the plug!! I just literally got this game. Fuck!! **

On a awful company called illfonic

The server is down the sky is falling


Sometimes the ass here is cringe.

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I’m so triggered right now

Your ass is cringe :D

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Fire, I swear to crab Jesus. Stop with the nitpicking. Same goes for you, Mass

It’s not gonna stop but this one is pretty harmless tbh.
If he gets offended at that then idk lol.

Like look at that he made it too easy. XD

9 hours without a peep, followed with advertisement on their social media’s.

They could give a rats ass about the community lol.

Preds going to fortnite, New pred movie, they about ready to take life long vacations.

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Still no announcement on their part on their formal forum.

Twitter is good enough for the masses I guess.

Guess so, It’s mostly courier and hamlet are over forums and last time I heard from them they’ve been too busy to log in and been swamped with other things

It’s sad how this is going to slide again.

The community is just gonna get buried by non the wiser people coming into the game.

Probably what they want.

Dunno, I’ve been taking a little break and playing other games