Game is locked why?

Please someone help me out with this i was playing this morning no worries then out of no where im kicked back to my console and locked out the game???🤪
It says i cannot use content?
Cannot connect to server to verify license? I’ve activated my console as main as its said to do but im still locked out?
Can someone help thankyou

Turn off 3D audio


Not sure if you got this sorted , but it sounds like you need to verify jrhe license on your actual console

Maybe one of those PC hackers reported you as a cheater ingame just to troll you, and the game believed the hacker since they have more buttons on their keyboards which they can make programa hacks, macros etc, then the game banned you from playing. Maybe it will take a week or a month for you to be able to play again.

Restore Licenses

If that doesn’t work, Sony is having server issues, give it a little while

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