Game keeps freezing

The update before the recent update my game would just instantly crash the second the menu popped up this was fixed with the new updatw but now everytime I load into a game my game completely freezes


I’ve had some freezes on fireteam and friends freeze out, as well.

Today, I was actually very upset when my game froze, and I was playing predator. Why? Because I waited 7 minutes to get into a match, I was working the fireteam, got some traps and a couple knockdowns, then you freeze and the last 15 min are down the drain.

It’s not so bad when you’re fireteam, because you can get matches quickly. Freezing as the predator is the absolute worst. I hope this gets fixed early next week.


I got into another predator match and froze in 43 seconds. I’m going to redownload the game. I don’t know if it will help, but I’m so disappointed right now, I have to try it.

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How many times it’s freezes per day??

Mine crashes every day at least 3 times out of the 5 match I can muster up to try and play. Shit’s just annoying( also dont try daily) maybe i will start and keep track.


My games constantly freezing every couple seconds as I’m trying to play. And I have 1gb speeds. Smh

If they don’t fix this soon,this game will never be successful and these types of bugs are unacceptable. The funny part a patch is a supposed to FIX the game not make it WORSE. Smh

Just froze this morning. It was already half way into the match and only two fireteam members alive and me as predator. What is causing these freeze ups?