Game modes.

Can we get a game mode with 3 predators and 3 fireteams. Or 2 predators and 2 fireteams? Many players have been anticipating this since the announcement of gauntlet and clash.

P.s. I think it would be a cool idea to add up to 15 players into a private match and let them all be predators or fireteam so friends can goof off together when they aren’t hunting.


3 preds or bust. Anything less is unacceptable.


The pred might win so they won’t do it

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Solution: Fugitive Pred Mode, 3 Preds Vs 2 Ft and a Pred, FT have to do missions whilst protecting the Pred, fugitive Pred has their own missions as well, FT cannot Exfil until fugitive Pred has done their missions (counters speed runs) unless fugitive Pred is killed. Bounty hunting Preds must kill all.

They actually played a fan-made 2v6 mode… and then said they wouldn’t be making it official cuz ft might have a hard time.

I honestly think we’ll get nothing but trash COD modes nobody wants.

I am a ft main I can assure you we want to hunt 2 preds lol

Add more ft then :3

People have been begging for 3 v 15 since launch. They know what we want and are ignoring it.

I know man, I’m one of those ppl :3

Honestly, I think they lack the ability. I think given how poorly optimized this game is Playstations everywhere would explode with that many players. They’d have to get rid of AI.

Oh no… don’t do that… what ever would befall this totally optimized game without AI lol

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Touche sir