Game occasionally freezes on PC

Hey, @IllFonic, @OldKingHamlet, @Courier.
Occasionally my game will freeze up on me and say “no respond” I then need to force close the application over the task manager and restart the pc for it to work again.
Maybe you could look into it, this started to happen after the last update far more often.

What is ful lsystem spec and OS etc?
run stability tests on PC.
MEMTEST and Prime95 or OCCT type test…

Any overclocking, ram, GPU etc?

Windows up to date, drivers up to date? bios/UEFI/firmware updates? etc

First where can I find those specs and OS?
Second how can I run a stability test on my PC
Third what’s a MEMTEST and Prime95 or OCCT type test.

I don’t overclock, I got 16gigs if it is that what you wanna know. GPU - what you want to know about that.

This should be everything up to date. But where could I check if they maybe got an update?

Run a DXDIAG and post the results.

Im sorry i dont have the time to teach you everything you need to know to diagnose the issue.

I can do that in the evening and send it to you in pm. Since I don’t know if anybody could use it for something else as intended.

Otherwise if everything is okay with my device it’s a problem of the game the Devs need to fix.

My bf actually thinks that the recent update could be the cause for the freeze to happens since usually my ram is not exceeded or something else. I’m not overclocking and the temp for the graphics card is never above 64°. So it maid be the game itself that has the problem. Like the blue screen that occured for the ps players some time back.