Games as a service


Pass this to the team would ya?

Games as a service aren’t innately bad. It’s the fortnite shop + lootboxes that people hate. Games as a service guarantees ongoing support rather than devs jumping ship to make their next game.

The service model isn’t whats killing Avengers, its just a really shallow safe loot shooter with mobile game controls. They didnt try to do anything more than make a generic beat-em-up where random gear numbers go up as if that = gameplay loop

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You’re right but games as a service often isn’t executed properly

This game is heading down that path

A similar fate can be avoided

Its going to be exactly what happened with Anthem. Albeit more work went into Anthem but they didnt have the content to retain players. Just the same missions over and over and over are the death of loot shooters. As much as people talk up PvE.

The Division has a good season pass model going & World tiers for scaling difficulty, probably doing the best right now, but eh. Looters seem to go f2p eventually


Whats wrong with dreamcastguy?

I’d rather not get into it.


Hey tell that to dreamcast guy.

You just don’t like him lol

Its contraversial. And I’d rather avoid hate if I can

Ok I guess I’ll have to look it up myself then

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So I looked up dreamcastguy controversy

All I could find was sometimes he gives out false info saying it’s real

No. Its pretty small. The main problem was a bigger contraversy thats relativly quiet that he and another YT got involved in. I stand on the other YT’s side.

I don’t care about that drama bs

I just watch to see them talk about games

When it vomes to morals i do. Agree to disagree of course just adding my two cents.