Gear Throwing Without Aiming

This is a very good change, @IllFonic . But it could still use some more improvement(s) if possible to enhance gameplay.

•Audio Decoys: allow the predator to keep jogging/sprinting while throwing a audio decoy. This would allow the predator to make quick tactical decisions and confuse the fireteam, that the pred is still near. Using his heavy stompy feet in combination with the audio decoy as a bait can open up two options for the predator. By finding a different location to assault from or to safely get away and heal.

•Bear Traps: if possible I would say leave the current bear trap throws as is by not allowing the predator to Sprint and throw a bear trap. My reasoning is if the bear trap HP perk change does come into play, (that I suggested in a previous feedback post) that would simply be applying too much pressure against the fireteam.

•Motion Detectors: allow the predator to throw the motion trackers when running through tree branches or jumping to another tree branch. Because the predator really wouldn’t want to be throwing motion trackers at ground level. So punishing their movement makes sense to allow fireteam to shoot them or see where that motion tracker was, to destroy it. It also makes sense to allow predators to keep high mobility in the tree branches while throwing the motion tracker because then the predator will be able to throw them on roofs & etc…

•Wrist Gauntlet: Make no change with this. I think it’s actually in a perfect spot.

I feel like these changes would really help the predator not feel so clunky in intense combat and provide a more smooth experience.

They also updated no more spamming gear from fireteam, like fast throwing of grenades, acig and others.

I haven’t been paying too much attention to the new ft stuff. But I did notice that parries feel a little more difficult now which I do like because it feels more rewarding now and I remember before I would just Spam L2 and R2 always getting a parry 😆

Yup. It is very much more difficult. Even spam hits with knife can sometimes be randomly stopped by itself.