Get to the chopper

Pred is on fireteam in as little as 30-20 seconds , wouldn’t be surprised if he gets me in the chopper on the intro, or maybe just kill me in the lobby.

Infil locations can get predicable, I’m sure there is a pred perk that makes target isolation fill quicker aswell? If they have adrenal boost and long jump on? Yeah , expect a quick encounter .

Does everyone mud up right away? I doubt it would matter though with the above perks and I actually think there is also a perk that ignores mud for target iso

How about that MATCH PACING

Don’t get me wrong I’m at a decent level, plenty of pred kills and damage its like 2/3 games then bang pred is there.

Takes longer to load the game than it lasts. I only knife kill bots mud up and keep quiet, can’t say that for everyone though

I mud up as soon as possible.

Despite the game starting at the same time for both sides, predator intro is shorter, and once it ends, the ft is still opening the choper doors and jumping out. Meanwhile this is happening, pred already is playing and before ft can mud up, he has already activated target isolation. You cant do it before pred activates it, unless he forgets to do it. It also good to know, that pred always spawns in oposite of the ft, map wise. They are always sorta facing each other, so check the map, see your loc, and go foward to the other end if you’re pred.


Yes. This.

It’s still a good idea to mud up right away, even against Tracker, since target isolation only lasts 10 seconds

Ah TK-421, it is good to see a loyal servant of the empire here.

Doesn’t matter when Predator finds you

You can still kill it

Just gotta shoot it

20-30 seconds? Nice. Now I don’t have to hunt down the pred and can just let him come to me.


This can backfire just as easily on the pred when he runs right into 2-3 experienced players who are ready and eager to turn him into a glow stick on first contact and then don’t let him breathe.


laughs in hipshot SAW

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Nothing a little macro or hack won’t fix