Getting Banned

So the other day I was testing some stuff and I was blatantly cheating, getting 2 million XP and million pred damage, etc. It was pretty obvious. After several hours (for real) I was banned from playing.

Turns out in-game reporting does work… sort of.

I guess it comes down to people actively reporting cheaters several matches on a row (maybe?).

The ban was also a soft ban that lasted just a few hours. It was IP based, as I couldn’t play in any platform on any account, but was able to play again using a VPN.

The IP ban also included the forums (LMAO), so I’m guessing the IP ban blocks your IP from all illfonic’s domains, probably including their other games (forgot to test ghostbusters).

Anyway, there ya go… there is some “hope” against cheaters… I guess. Keep reporting players. We finally can confirm that, although minimal and ineffective, there is some sort of action being taken against players being reported.


Thanks for testing. as a reward I shall give you my seed.
Did you play on Steam? I saw a Steam player who did 2 million damage to pred a few days ago.

No. I own too many games on my steam account. I do not cheat on any games that I play there unless the game allows to cheat (such as Fallout 4, Skyrim, Doom and other single player games.)

You can keep your seed or throw it in the ground and let god judge you.

More likely ISP routing issue.

You must have been reported a lot? I know people like Sam have been reported a hellish amount over the years and I don’t think anything has happened to him, unless there’s actually someone who looks at these reports? And would have seen your obvious hax?

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nah, they should have a way to verify whoever gets reported a lot of times to see if really cheating was done or not

it would be good for me so it would verify when im making people cry over hacks that im not using anything

is possible. Never happened before though, and it was suspicious that only happened after obvious cheating.

I’ll possibly test again over the weekend and change the dns to verify is not a routing issue.

I’ve only heard of someone else that had the same exact issue for the same reason. My theory is that reporting has to come from different sources for the same player in a timely manner. If you get just a few reports from the same player I doubt it will trigger anything.

Only way to truly confirm is for someone from illfonic to corroborate that is the intended way of dealing with the cheating reports.

DNS has nothing to do with routing. You need to use traceroute.

Is it possible to adjust the normal balance of guns and pred hp in this way?

You would turn against the heckarii?!



I haven’t been able to adjust HP on public matches.

I have been able to adjust damage of some weapons


Damn hackers

Maybe you used steam dummy account. I mean you own game on both epic and steam.

BGP and AS is your homework.

Learning how to play FT and Predator is your homework

so what?

The game is crackable on epic and doesn’t need to be owned to be able to play it.

On steam the only way you can play it is by owning it or sharing it. I’m not risking any. I’d lose decades of game collecting, literally thousands dollars (I own nearly 200 games on steam)

Fucking PROPS jelou. Keep up the good work.

You may have my seed as well. C’mere big boi, you got sum Purdy lips.

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your seed I’ll take any day papi