Getting spotted all the god damn time even though I am 6 miles away, cloaked and motionless

Ok so half the time I play as the predator I get a team that just spots me from 50 miles away while i am motionless and doing literally nothing, whenever I get close I get spotted INSTANTLY without any kind of interraction.
I have no idea if this is some kind of cheating engine or if it is a bug but god damn is it annoying as f*ck and makes the game literally uneyojable.
I play on PC.

Feature not bug


Yes it’s cheating. Report them bastards.

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We’re they Russians?

Have you tried using the übercharge

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Have you tried deleting your save game file?

Have you tried deleting the game?


skill issue

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Feels like 2020 thread. My god it’s giving me nostalgia 😭


If only the game was fix but it will never be fix

Maps are only a few hundred meters in size.

Which is it, miles away, or when you’re close?


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