Getting wrecked as the Predator

Does anyone else feel as if predator is just being shredded by the fire team. Most the time it feels as if I’m the one being hunted. From grenades to straight up being blocked in melee fights and never claiming a single ft skull. Can’t take on the ft because everyone will start shooting and I’m out of health. I shouldn’t be the one running away as the predator. Look at Dbd or something because predator was fun when the game was released now it just a hassle to play as one of my favorite childhood monsters.

You being reckless? Can’t do that, bud

You have to utilize range weapons more. Think of melee weapons as more of a treat than an actual tool to take on the fire team (like for stealth kills).

Despite this game having a bunch of predators from across all the movies or whatever, you have to keep in mind that this game is mainly just heavily “inspired” by the first original movie.

Meaning you really need to just use your plasma caster and the tree branches to help you apply pressure and never really stay too long in the same tree. Take Dithered Lins, Down Range, and Modified Reserves for perks.

Oh and don’t claim too early. Better to make them use up gear and ammo then go in for the four man kill

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Many experienced players returned after the update. Plus, the increased stability of the guns allowed for more hits. Plus broken Predator stamina, slower movement acceleration, broken leaps, nerfed shoulder cannon.