Ghost glitch Again

It’s not fix yet
I don’t know the others
But me
I have so many problems with this fucking Glitch or bug or whatever it is
And sometimes
It’s said connecting on my screen and after that
Cool down
And again “Matchmaking”
@OldKingHamlet @Courier


I feel like the trend with the game is it always shits itself right before an update so fingers crossed

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Update drops in 26 minutes 62 seconds

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Its really unfortunate
Idk why they didn’t fix this fucking bugs and glitches yet

1:50 sec for Fireteam
And ghost glitch :)))

yes exactly bro . idk why but seriously this glitch still here in the first update until now . they add a lot of things of this game . how they can’t fix this bug idk
ghost glitch is so annoying i really hate that
And Connecting Cool down too! :(

@OldKingHamlet @Courier
How can we fix this bug ?

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@OldKingHamlet @Courier !!!