Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Lmao I gotta ask why do you hate hud?

Why do you hate immersion?

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My glasses have a small radar nerd, so my radar makes sense -_-

Tech son.

And if I dont have shades on, its contacts.
Suck it.



Just give me a map and point me towards the enemy

And a gun

Need one of those too 😅

Are there vehicles in it too?

Btw I dont wanna crush your immersion completely, but given all the high tech were dealing with, I think having a radar makes more sense.

But I think we can have different settings.

The only thing I really want is to not have gear level on.
I hate that lol.

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Yeah their are.

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Breakpoint changed a lot. I shouldn’t say it’s bad. My b, I should say I did not like it

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Btw send me a message when you wanna play.

UltraMint7- my psn.

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The gear level system fucking sucks
I turned that shit off right when I learned how to

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We didn’t have option unfortunately for a while

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God that must have sucked

Was annoying as hell but you could still kill them with one shot to the head.
So wasnt too horrible

At least you had that

God damn you install it already lmao.
Well probably have to play tomorrow.

Breakpoint is worth getting now than it was 1 year ago. Now there are AI teammates added (can disable them if you want if you hated AI from Wildlands) but you can also enable rebels in the environment (forgot what it’s called exactly) but it makes the open world feel more “full” as you’re travelling around. You’ll be driving around and then see rebels (friendlies) in fire fights which you can join in to help, or sit and watch.

Also if I remember right you can disable drones if you hate them being around. More options for immersive gameplay than when it was released. I come back to play it every now and then but don’t play it as much as I like due to my pc having random frame freezes every few minutes.

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There is a mission where you need to enter skynets HQ and fight hordes of t-800s . In the store there is even a kyle Reese movie accurate skin


This is the main problem with it. I love Wildlands, and it’s the only game I’ve ever got the Platinum trophy for. Still play today in the form of the PvP Ghost War element.

While Breakpoint was an improvement graphically, in pretty much all other aspects it was a step backwards. They did indeed try to turn it into a Division clone, and that’s why it failed spectacularly sales wise. After I completed the game they did add some customisation options which allow you to tailor it to a more ‘Ghost Recon’ experience (stealthy, less RPG and looty) but at that point I had no desire to go back and do it again. I especially didn’t want to deal with the stupid sci-fi Robot Tanks again.

Worse still, the PvP element of Breakpoint is utterly broken beyond repair, to the point where Ubisoft have seemingly abandoned it completely. If you think PHG has issues, you need to check out the shit that happened in Breakpoint Ghost War. People familiar with the game will know what I’m talking about when I mention the ‘Chicken Dance’. Instead of a tactical PvP shooter (which was what distinguished Wildlands PvP from other squad based shooters) Breakpoint PvP was instead a shitty, run around as fast as you can arcade shooter. I played it for a while in the hope it would be fixed, but me and the guys I play with abandoned it months ago and went back to Wildlands PvP when we realised it was never going to be.

I just want to co op and bag me some terries

Because they tried to make it so matches didnt take forever.
So they forced you to do an objective and if you didnt, youd be at a severe disadvantage.

Which I thought was lame in both games.

I really wish the pvp would of been find each other somewhere on the entire map, and take each other out.

Let you use your entire arsenal.


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